Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner? 5 "Unforeseen Circumstances" That Wedding Planners Take Care Of... If you’ve never hired an event planner ...' />

September 16, 2016

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

Why Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

5 “Unforeseen Circumstances” That Wedding Planners Take Care Of…
If you’ve never hired an event planner you may think: “Why hire an event planner when I can plan it all, for free?”
Not only does a planner manage the timeline, facilities, vendors, attendees and VIPS of your event, s/he plans for things that might go wrong. Here are just some of the “unforeseen circumstances” that planners take care of:
1) VIP does a NO-SHOW. You’ve an ironclad contract. Then the “day of” the VIP is a no show. No problem, the planner has a “pocket” VIP. The event goes off without a hitch because the substitute VIP was miraculously available. Let’s give a hand to the new and prepared VIP and you!
wedding planner
wedding planner
2) Event facility is locked up or there’s a snowstorm. A planner will help you decide if or when it’s worth going forward and will have a “Plan B” location if necessary. Attendees / ticket holders would be alerted immediately of the altered or cancelled plans via phone, twitter, Facebook (and if it’s a public event, the media).
3) Poor attendance. Due to “unforeseen circumstances,” there’s only half the crowd you expected. The planner will assess the physical space and “shrink it” if possible to make the area feel more intimate. But most importantly, the planner will help you give each attendee over-the-top attention and make them feel special for being there, because they are!
wedding planner
wedding planner
4) Too many attendees. Are the waiting lines ridiculous? The planner will open up more lines. If that’s not possible, the planner will personally “work the lines” by giving away bottled waters or candy, or just plain glad-handing the crowds. NOTE: If this is a repeat event and you’ve seen growth each year – your planner may suggest satellite locations with live feeds so that the overflow crowd doesn’t miss the show!
5) YOU become ill. An event planner is there to be a “mini” you. Openly share all timelines and event knowledge with him / her during the planning process. The show must go on with or without you!
Wedding planner
The best laid plans can go careening off course through no fault of your own. You will have great peace of mind knowing that if “unforeseen circumstances” do happen, your planner has your back!

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