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July 20, 2017

The RSVP Game

Post by Pattie Taylor Brown

RSVP répondez s’il vous plait DEFINITION:

“archaic request to respond to an invitation; fallen out of common courtesy in modern times; source of stress for hosts who are planning events.”

Your event is almost here and there is one question you start hearing over and over: What’s your final guest count?
When the RSVP’s never arrive on time- it’s Pattie, the Event Goddess to the rescue! Here are some “tried & true” methods for reducing RSVP stress.
1. Make it easy to respond: A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included in your invites and the RSVP Card needs to have the RSVP date on it.
If you’re having a served meal, remember to include choices with a place to check off on the RSVP card. You, your guests, and your caterer will all be happy you did!
2. Give e-mail RSVP’ing a try. On-line sites such as EVITE make it easy for your guests to respond on-line. EVITE will even send out a second RSVP reminder automatically.
3. Delegate! Ask your parents or a friend to call the non-responders. You will get a better response rate than if you did it yourself!
4. Make the RSVP cards attention-grabbing. If it’s in your nature to be funny, say something to get their attention.  A quick Google search found the above fun and practical example.
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